Oisin Foley

About Oisin Foley


Hey there folks! My name is Oisin Foley, and I’m a MINDREADER.

Well… I can’t ACTUALLY read minds of course. But I do use psychology, suggestion, deduction, intuition, magic, misdirection & showmanship to make people think that I can READ THEIR MIND. Essentially, I read and influence people in the most fun and engaging way – and I use my skills (as well as a background in theatre) to entertain your family, friends, colleagues and guests.

I first started learning to do what I do when I was quite young. But it wasn’t until my older brother Conor bought himself a poker set that I really started to READ PEOPLE. From that day until now I have been obsessed with psychology, influence and MIND GAMES.

Over the past 10 years or so (Jesus, that makes me sound ancient!), I’ve gotten the opportunity to share what I do with people all across Ireland at parties, universities, corporate events and weddings! And since 2018, I’ve been working with two of my best pals (Conn & Yvan) as MINDFECK – we’re like the magic version of a boyband who perform in a couple of venues across Dublin.

Throughout 2020, I’ve been fortunate enough to entertain people all across the world using ZOOM, Instagram, Facebook (and even this thing called TikTok that I’m still coming to terms with!).

Throughout my career as a performer, I’ve had so much craic blowing the minds of quite literally THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!! And I’ve been called many things – magician, mindreader, mentalist, hypnotist, MAGIC MAN, Harry Potter, wizard… and some expletives that I’d prefer not to share here (though I’m sure you can guess).

Let me be frank, I love what I do – and my job is pretty easy : I’m here to help you give your guests an UNFORGETTABLE experience. And I can’t wait to work with you.