You want your wedding to be the most MEMORABLE day of your life, don’t you?


Imagine for a second it’s your big day. Your family, friends & guests are all sitting or standing around making polite conversation and trying to avoid boring uncle Colm. Your fiance’s side of the family are kind of off to one side – but everyone’s having a good time. And that’s what you want, right? 


Now imagine this, it’s your BIG DAY! Your guests are crying with LAUGHTER, there’s THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE coming from the corner, everyone is mixing and mingling. And even uncle Colm is left speechless! The room is ELECTRIC. And your wedding is going to be the most incredible day your guests have ever seen. 

I want to help you make that happen! I’d love to help you put together the best wedding you could ever imagine!

Let’s face it, weddings can be boring for some guests – long speeches, unfamiliar faces, hungry bellies and small talk can make for an awkward evening. But don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for you…

Oisin Foley Magic Weddings Show

For years I’ve made my living as a Mindreader, and while I can’t really read minds – I have a sneaky suspicion you want your big day to be more like the second scenario, right? And it’s my job as a mindreader to blend psychology, intuition, comedy, magic, and showmanship to ensure that everyone is blown away and has the CRAIC!  And whether I’m playing silly games with your friends, guessing your guests thought or influencing your family, I make sure to AMAZE each and every person I meet and will go above and beyond to help you put together the most incredible wedding! 

Book me and watch the magic happen… literally! What I do is the perfect social lubricant. I make your guests mingle and the conversation flow smoothly, and before you know it your guests will be laughing, clapping and having a ball!

Here’s 3 reasons of having an interactive entertainer like me show up at your wedding :

  1. It’s an amazing conversation starter! What better way to break the ice and get guests chatting like they’ve known each other for years than to have a MINDREADER mix & mingle with them!
  2. It’s a guaranteed way to make your wedding unforgettable! Trust me, your guests will be talking about how your cousin Mary had her hands stuck together for YEARS to come!
  3. And finally, it’s the best way to beat the Afternoon or (After Dinner) “Lull”! Booking a really amazing entertainer is your answer to keep your guests energy up as they patiently await the meal or as they start suffering from the dreaded “FOOD COMA”

Get in touch to find out more about the packages I offer.

Let’s talk about making your Wedding UNIQUE!